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En attendant je suis en France, j’ai eu le temps pour lire un livre sur la IIème Guerre Mondiale, écrit par Curzio Malaparte, de titre Kaputt.

Je vous laisse ici la déscription d’une pièce du compositeur romantique Aleksandr Borodin qui, comme toute l’aristocratie et bourgeoisie russes, parlait français (ou je crois ça, quand même).


(Pardon pour mon térrible français!)


Dans les régions désertiques de l’Asie centrale retentit un chant russe. On entend se rapprocher le pas des chevaux et des chameaux ainsi que la mélodie d’une chanson orientale. Une caravane traverse l’immensité de la steppe, escortée par un détachement de soldats russes. Son long parcours s’effectuera en toute sécurité. La caravane s’éloigne peu à peu. Les chants s’unissent en une seule harmonie dont les échos retentissent longtemps dans l’immensité de la steppe avant de mourir dans le lointain.


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A girl from Copenhagen.

The last day of our stay there, we got lost when we were going to the central station. We noticed that when we went out of an alley where there is, with that typical red brick, the best board games’ shop I’ve ever seen. There, in a big boulevard, we had to decide if we were going to the left or to the right.

And then we saw her, pale black-haired Danish, black clothes, white aura. She was doing jogging elegantly, walking fast, running slowly over the continental drift, but not feeling the vértigo she made me feel. We asked her where we had to go, and she said “to the right”, I said “oh”, and she said bye. She began running on that direction.

Then she turned and smiled at me.

I looked at her back.

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It makes me remember the autumn -which, as everyone knows, has the colour of a falling leave.  However, this andante is blue, like a Finland morning, the first sun ray after the long night: the first time your eyes get used to the light after a three-months dark, your pupils diminishing.

Or, maybe, it’s only a moment of meteorological doubt, ten lonely minutes of sun.

Which is enough for this beautiful piece.

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What if Debussy had composed Rhapsody in blue? And Gardel, The ride of the Valkyries? This man, Richard Grayson, improvises covers of several classical hits into different composers’ styles.

And what does it sound like? Like Heaven and celestial choirs, sir.

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Today is 144th anniversary of the birth of Enrique Granados, a Spanish composer of Classical music, friend of Isaac Albéniz, and one of the best musicians in the Spanish nationalism musical movement -more intimistic than Russian nationalism.

Happy birthday, Mr. Granados.

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